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English Story | Best Special new english story

English Story The habits and thinking of our countrymen is unique from all over the world.  Just as Sanjeevani Booti used to shine on the whole mountain, we shine differently in the whole world.  Even though there is a distinction of caste and caste in our country, there is no discrimination in habits, nationality and patriotism are very much dripping in them.  That is, send any Indian to any corner of the world, he will be recognized differently due to his habits.  For example, we Indians are very big money type, we charge ten times the price of a ten rupee item.  Brother, we are not wasteful like foreigners who throw away things after use.  We do not throw water and cold drink bottles, they are the beauty of our fridge.  Pickle bottles, tea cans or any other box or bottle that comes with the goods becomes the pride of our kitchens year after year.  We use a tube like toothpaste and shaving cream to be cut from the bottom, because throwing a single drop is not acceptable to us, and no

Best Moral Short English Best Story

Dakshina  A disabled and poor Brahmin lived in Vijay Nagar.  Since he was bedridden, he had no place to live.  He pleaded for help in the court of Maharaj Krishnadeva Raya several times, but the Rajpurohit never allowed his words to be raised.  Don't know why he was jealous of her.  One day someone advised him to go to Tenaliram, he would definitely do something for you.  Then with courage, he went to Tenaliram one day and told him the whole thing.  Tenaliram listened to him very seriously.  Thought something for a moment, then said something in his ear and sent him off.  On that day Maharaj was going to visit the Maharishi Ashram on the other bank of Narmada because according to the intelligence information, some saint was going to come there.  Tenaliram was also supposed to go on this journey.  Tenaliram was preparing to go to the palace for this journey that he had come to a disabled Brahmin.  When Tenaliram left the house after leaving him, he remembered that he had to manage t