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Top English Best Moral Story | English Best Moral Story

Lala Jhaulal lacked food and drink.  Kashi had a house in Thatheri Bazaar.  The fare from below shops used to come down to around 100 rupees monthly.  There were no children, only two animals were spent.  Used to eat well, wore well.  But two and a half hundred rupees were never used to bake an eye together.

 So when his wife presented a demand of one and a half hundred rupees every day, his brother once again gave a loud shout and then sat down.  Got to know that there is a bullah who is going to bill.

 Lala Jhaulal got stung by this sweet hit.  He said with a bit of fury, 'Move!  Will you begging my brother for 250 rupees?  Take it from me.

 'Do you mean seven days a week or seven years?'

 Lal Jhaulal stood with Rob and said, "Take me two hundred and fifty rupees from today on the seventh day."

 'One man's thing!'

 Yes, yes!  One man's thing!

 But when four days had passed in this manner and there was no arrangement of money, then they started worrying.  The question was about his reputation, his reputation in his own house.  If you are not able to give the promised promise, then what will she think in your mind?  What will be their value in his eyes?  He had heard hundreds of his accolades.  Now if you have a job, then all four are getting worried?  This was the first time he opened his mouth and asked a few rupees.  At this time if they run out after pressing the tail, then what will they show?  One thing about the man - his worry was echoed in his ears again and again.

 Well, one more day passed.  Panicked on the fifth day, he narrated his calamity to Pt Bilwasi Mishra.  Coincidentally, there was such a mess that Bilawasi ji was very dry at that time.  He said that I do not have it, but I will try to get it from some place by demand-check, and if found I will meet you at the house tomorrow evening.

 It was evening today.  Last day of the week.  Tomorrow, you have to count two hundred and fifty rupees or wash your hands with all hekki.  It is true that if she does not get the money tomorrow, her daughter will not hang up - only she will laugh a little.  But what a laugh that would be!  The mere conceit of this laughter used to create a twist in Lala Jhaulal's conscience.

 Not even Pt Bilwasi Mishra came yet.  There was talk of his arrival in the evening itself.  He had faith in them.  If not come?  Or if they could not manage the money?

 Red Jhaulal, who was lying in the same turmoil, was walking on the roof.  Some thirst came out.  He gave voice to the servant.  Was not a servant.  His wife herself brought water.  You know what a sad state of women in Hindu society!  If husband Nalayak feels thirsty, then the lady poor has to attend with water.

 She definitely forgot to bring water but glass.  She appeared with only a lot of water.  Then Lota also coincidentally was the one who always hated Lala Jhaulal due to his clumsy appearance.  If the new year was two years old, it was such a lotion that its father was like Damru and his mother was a washbasin.

 Lala Jhaulal took the lota, he did not say anything, he believed his wife to be adorable.  Must be accepted.  This is called civilization.  How is the husband who is not his wife's wife?  Then he must have thought that even if there is water in the lotus, it is still a reward - if I make a lime then what will be left to do when there is food in the bucket.

 Lala Jhaulal started drinking water after drinking his anger.  At that time they were standing near the roof of the roof.  The elders who had made the rules regarding drinking water that they should not drink water while standing, they did not even know whether they had made a rule that they should not drink water while standing near the roof of the roof.  It seems that they have not said anything on this important subject.

 Therefore Lala Jhaulal did no harm and he stood near the roof munder and started drinking water.  But barely two to one sip they would have been able to drink, they did not know how their hand got up and the lota was left.

 Lotte looked neither right nor left, he walked down the street.  He disappeared from his eyes, blushing the meteor in his velocity.  Once upon a time, a fraudster named Newton invented a thing called the attraction power of the earth.  Needless to say that all this power was in favor of this lotte.

 Cut Lala Jhaulal, there is no blood in the body.  Thatheri Bazaar In such a moving street, falling from a high three-storey, filled lotus is not a laughing matter.  This official will not know which officer's Khopde will carry the message of Kashi.  Something similar happened.  There was a loud movement in the street.  By the time Lala Jhaulal ran down, a huge crowd entered his courtyard.

 Lala Jhaulal saw that the main character in this crowd is an Englishman who is wet with fingernails and who is dancing on the other by rubbing one leg with his hand.  Seeing the criminal lot near him, Lala Jhaulal immediately understood the situation by adding two and two.  Complete details were found behind him.

 It happened that Lota collided with a shop shed before falling into the street.  After colliding there, he made the Englishman standing at that shop take a bath in Sangopang and then fell on his boot.

 When that Englishman came to know that Lala Jhaulal is the owner of that lot, then he did only one thing.  He opened his mouth and left it open.  Lala Jhaulal today came to know that there is such a hoarding of abuses in the English language.

 "Whatever happens, I will buy."

 'Wow, how will you buy?  I will buy  I have the right.


 'It is definitely right.  Tell me whether you took a bath with that lotus water?


 'He fell on your foot or me?'


 'Thumb did he cheat you or mine?'


 "So I have the right to buy it."

 'It's all a bag.  Charge the price, the person who pays more will take it. '

 'That's right.  You were giving him fifty rupees, I give hundred. '

 'I give one hundred and fifty.'

 'I give two hundred.'

 "I give two hundred and fifty."  Saying this, Bilvasi ji threw two and a half hundred notes in front of Lala Jhaulal.

 Sir also now got a call.  He said, 'If you give two and a half hundred, I give five hundred.  Now let's go?

 Bilvasi ji started raising his money with regret, as if he was raising the corpse of his hopes.  Looking at the officer, he said, 'Lota is yours, take it!  I don't have more than two hundred and fifty. '

 It was to be heard that a smile of happiness reappeared on Saheb's face.  He quickly took the lota and said, 'Now I will return to my country laughing.  I was caught listening to the boast of Major Douglas.

 'Who is Major Douglas?'

 'Major Douglas is my neighbor.  I keep competing with them in collecting old things.  Last year, he came to Hindustan and took Jahangiri egg from here.

 'Jahangiri Egg?'

 'Yes Jahangiri egg.  Major Douglas had understood that only such things could be taken from India.

 'But what is Jahangiri egg?'

 'You might know that a pigeon made Jahangir's love to Nur Jahan.  When Jahangir asked how did you allow one of my pigeons to fly away, Nur Jahan had also told his other pigeons to fly away.  Jahangir was relieved at his innocence for a hundred lives;  From that moment he sold himself to Nur Jahan.  But he did not forget the favor of the pigeon.  He left one of his eggs with great vigor.  He was hanging in front of her in a handi ring in Billaur.  Later that same egg became famous as Jahangiri Anda.  Major Douglas bought it from a Muslim gentleman in Parsal Delhi for three hundred rupees. '

 'This thing?'

 'Yes, but now they cannot take me far ahead of me.  My Akbari lotta is a dynasty older than their Jahangiri egg. '

 Sahab took his way by paying five hundred rupees to Lala Jhaulal.  Lala Jhaulal's face was visible at this time.  It seemed that each of the hairs of a six-day-long beard were waving with happiness.  He asked, Mr. Bilawasi!  Did you take 250 rupees from home for me?  But where did you get it?  You didn't have any.

 'Only God knows this distinction.  You ask him.  I will not tell.

 'But where do you go?  I have work with you for two hours now. '

 'Up to two hours?'

 Yes and what!  Now I will praise you with your back;  It will take an hour.  Then I will thank you with a hug, it will take an hour too.
Lala Jhaulal finished his work and looked up.  But Bilvasi ji had become disrupted in the meantime.

 They were walking in the street filling the long steps.

 That day Bilvasi ji could not sleep for long.  They lay on the bedstead wrapped in sheets.  He woke up at one o'clock.  Slowly, very slowly, from the neck of his sleeping wife, he pulled out the gold ring in which a clap was tied.  Then going to his room, he opened the chest with that clap.  He closed it by placing two and a half hundred pieces of note in it.  Then after returning to his feet, he put Tali in the neck of his wife undone.  After this, he laughed, took up his arms, lay down with his arms and died while lying down.

 The next day, he was alive till eight in the morning.


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