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English Story

The habits and thinking of our countrymen is unique from all over the world.  Just as Sanjeevani Booti used to shine on the whole mountain, we shine differently in the whole world.  Even though there is a distinction of caste and caste in our country, there is no discrimination in habits, nationality and patriotism are very much dripping in them.  That is, send any Indian to any corner of the world, he will be recognized differently due to his habits.

 For example, we Indians are very big money type, we charge ten times the price of a ten rupee item.  Brother, we are not wasteful like foreigners who throw away things after use.  We do not throw water and cold drink bottles, they are the beauty of our fridge.  Pickle bottles, tea cans or any other box or bottle that comes with the goods becomes the pride of our kitchens year after year.

 We use a tube like toothpaste and shaving cream to be cut from the bottom, because throwing a single drop is not acceptable to us, and now and some companies here have even made a scissor ie tube squeezer.  This is nothing, we also use a toothbrush from the heart, that is, we clean the teeth first, then the jewelry, then the utensil and then even after cutting the remaining part of the brush, make its pulse water, that is, it is used in the pajamas.  .

 We fully maintain our loyalty to things and use them till our last breath, like we would first wear new clothes when we came out, some would wear at home when old and after that the cloth would become duster or mop.  Some of us are so great that we use old clothes in the kitchen.

 Once, an integral friend of mine went to her husband's friend's house for dinner, when it was time for dinner, she went to the kitchen with his wife, what she saw there made her heartbroken, and she told her husband  She insisted on walking back.  She started pretending to be ill.  In front of his insistence, he was forced to return without dinner, but on the way he was very angry and said, "What is madness, why did you behave so strangely? She said, what do I do, your friend's wife is her husband."  She was cleaning the plate with a cloth. As soon as her talk was complete, her husband became very calm and said laughing, Oh God, good, you have saved. That is why, many families will be found here without thinking.  We use it with the intention of use.

 The people here, we only charge them where they spend their money, where they do not spend it, they charge more, that is, if they spend their money and go out to eat, then they will ask for it carefully, if left, they will pack it or they will laugh  If you go to the wedding or ceremony, then you will not leave anything tasty, if you do not like it, then you will hand over the full plate to Dustbin.

 What money we have to give is free.  The word free attracts us the same way.  If we get something free with some goods, then we can also buy goods that we do not need.  We should just know that something is getting free somewhere, then we will break.  I am like that, we are not like that.

 When we go to eat at the hotel, fennel filling in a paper napkin, we do not forget.  Brother, why did you forget?  Have given money  Our duty is to collect  If we travel in Shatabdi and the capital, we bring pouches of tea and sugar from there and why not bring it?  Those who have bought such an expensive ticket will get fully charged.

 We have another habit of people here which makes us different from the whole world, that is that we consider everything as our own, and believe our right everywhere.  If you go to have a picnic in the park, then after eating and drinking, all the garbage is scattered here and there, even if there is dustbin.

 We can even throw cold packets and empty packets of chips on the road outside the window while walking in the car.  On the way, they will spit betel leaf, Hey brother!  What's wrong with you?  Our country, our city, where will spit free, where free will.  What us  If the government has made public facilities everywhere, give money for this work in Khamkhan, when the whole city is ours.

 We only mean that our house should be clean, even if we throw garbage outside the house.  We can even throw garbage on the street or in the park from our balcony.  If there is a chance and if there is no neighborhood war, then we should also make the neighborhood house a dustbin.  Load all the garbage in his house.  Hey, Brother!  Is your house clean?

 But let us tell you one thing, that there is a lot of tameez in us, if we go to any other country, we do not do any such work.  We follow all the rules, but this is our country.  We have the right to make our country litter.  Who can stop us?

Sayane knows that love is a very expensive job.  In this work, the pocket of the fellow gets dysentery and the firm of time goes out of bankruptcy.  But still there are people that make love because the only reason is that it is also a hobby to play with dangers.  While investment is an essential element in the business of love, there is scope for everything in the business of skipping, but the expenditure account is very difficult to open there.  So both Aashiqui and Kanju are unable to walk together.  But I have a tour nowadays.  I start imagining impossible things, many times these fantasies would come true.  I swear Krishna Kanhaiya's fantasy came true even in my locality.  So you too should enjoy the love story of miser ...

 So listen to your story.  There was a stingy family in our neighborhood, there is no such miser. How will you not spend much money?  Savings too, people walking on the principle of 'eat fat and wear fat'.

 Our hero is his hero i.e. Lakshmipati.  Since this family loves Lakshmi, it is mandatory for everyone to come to Lakshmi in their name, even the house is also 'Lakshmi Niwas'.  Our heroes are very promising youngsters and on the footsteps of Bap Dada.  It is said about them that if you see water on the road, then press the shoes next to it.  It was straightforward to look plain, unblemished, even wearing such clothes that they looked loosely fitting but very intelligent or say very simple.

 Poor Lakshmipati has a husband in his name, but the privilege of becoming a husband has not yet been found.  Most of the boys of his age are either married or stuck in a love affair.  In such a situation, he also felt, why not make a girl friend alone.  Now in search of a girl, our heroes have sometimes tried to impress many girls through face book, sometimes through a friend, but sometimes the girl would have made fun of their name, sometimes they would have made their brother a simple image.  And if ever there is a trap, in the first meeting, their pole would open up and the girl would not take the name of meeting again.  Poor people were very upset.  One day told my heart to his friend settled in another city, where he used to come often from his work.  A friend is a friend, he did not see this condition of his friend and he introduced him to the girl he knew.

 The girl was also good looking and thought from the heart and was looking for a good partner.  So she got off easily.  Since the first meeting was sponsored by the same friend, the matter settled.  Two to three days were a great walk.  Now it will not be said that the same friend took the car along with the petrol on the first day.  On the first day both of them went to eat in a restaurant. When it came to giving money, the girlfriend was waiting that the money would be given to Laxmipati, but he tucked the pockets and said, 'Oh my God, I forgot to bring the purse' Girlfriend said, 'Hey why are you upset?  I give it na 'girl used to earn, so she paid the bill.  It would not be said that our Lakshmipati lived in the city for three days and did not forget to forget the purse for the three days.  The girl was in love for the first time, so she did not even realize that these were hero's tricks.  When both parted, there were tears in their eyes.  Laddus were bursting in the friend's mind, in the hope that he did a great job to introduce the two hearts.

 Laxmipathi left, promising to come again.  They would either message or chat on Facebook, now who's STD  Spend money on  Girlfriend would call every time.  Since love was still fresh, he did not mind.

 The next time the lover came, the girlfriend spent all the time for his stay, from eating and drinking to traveling.  The blind who was in love, but the man was happy that let's save money and had fun with the captive.

 This is how some time passed.  Then the girlfriend became ill, she could not make the call, but the poor girl was waiting for her lover's phone.  The lover's message came 'How are you?  Did not call for two days.  The girlfriend replied, 'I am sick.'  He thought ... Now I will get a call ... He will be worried about me, after all he loves me.  Then the message came, 'Call me immediately I want to ask your health.  It is very worrying. '

 Now, there was a fire in his girlfriend's body.  One is the ill health of such activities from above.  The light on his brain was burnt.  He thought… what is the use of such a friend, I should bear all the expenses, I should also make the phone.  It is not even worried about my health.  Can't even call, a man of 'Sala chamde jaye damdi na jaye' thinking does not love it with anything other than money.  This will ruin me.

 From that day on, the girlfriend stopped replying to his message.  Neither does it come on Facebook, but Patti still did not call.  I told that friend to find out.  And when he came back from work this time, he went to meet his girlfriend but could not find her.

 After all, they understood that this too was lost.  Now lover sir is in search of new girlfriend.  They have no grief that the girlfriend has gone out of hand, but they are happy that they did not spend even a single penny and had fun too.  Now our Laxmipati ji has once again set out in search of a girlfriend who can spend all the money on him, also make the phone himself and be completely devoted….  So friends, if any of you know about such a girl or you live in your neighborhood, then please help our Lakshmipati ji.

 Why ... Why, don't I have to write some more stories?