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Best Moral Short English Best Story


 A disabled and poor Brahmin lived in Vijay Nagar.  Since he was bedridden, he had no place to live.  He pleaded for help in the court of Maharaj Krishnadeva Raya several times, but the Rajpurohit never allowed his words to be raised.  Don't know why he was jealous of her.

 One day someone advised him to go to Tenaliram, he would definitely do something for you.  Then with courage, he went to Tenaliram one day and told him the whole thing.  Tenaliram listened to him very seriously.  Thought something for a moment, then said something in his ear and sent him off.

 On that day Maharaj was going to visit the Maharishi Ashram on the other bank of Narmada because according to the intelligence information, some saint was going to come there.  Tenaliram was also supposed to go on this journey.  Tenaliram was preparing to go to the palace for this journey that he had come to a disabled Brahmin.

 When Tenaliram left the house after leaving him, he remembered that he had to manage the water for the journey, because it was hot and hot in those days.  So, while managing water, Tenaliram reached the palace.  The convoy left as soon as they left.  The distance to the ashram was about ten kos.

 After walking five-six kos, Maharaj ordered to make a halt.  The mangoes were halted under the shady trees.  Everyone washed their hands and started food.  Right now the food was going on, not knowing how the water round (big drum pitcher) was rolled and on seeing it all the drinking water flowed.  Now?

 Everyone was upset - everyone's hands and mouths were mixed with food.  Maharaj ordered: "Immediately search for drinking water."  All the soldiers and courtiers dispersed in search of water.  But there was not even a trace of water far and wide.

 Then a courtier came and said: "Maharaj!  Six pots filled with cold water are placed in a hut in the south direction, but the hut is empty. "  "So what happened?"  A minister restless with thirst said: “Who can refuse water for the emperor.  If it is more then you will pay the price. ”

 Everyone agreed with the minister's talk.  They all went to the hut and washed their hands and mouth and started drinking water that the owner of the hut arrived.  The priest was irritated when he saw her.  He was the same poor Brahmin whose Rajpurohit used to put a barrier on the solicitation.

 Coming there, he folded his arm and watched the courtiers drinking water.  When everyone had drank the water, the minister said to the poor Brahmin: “We were thirsty, if we could not find water anywhere, then drank your water.  Take whatever value you want from it.  Say, what will be the value? "

 Before the poor Brahmin would say anything, Rajpurohit said before that: "What to ask for it, give two or four pieces."  The poor Brahmin, with folded hands, humbly said to Maharaj Krishnadeva Raya: "No, Maharaj!  I do not want the value of water.  Yes, considering water as a prasad, if you want to give some Dakshina to this poor Brahmin, I will accept the blessing and accept it. ”

 Maharaj smiled and looked at Tenaliram, then Tenali Ram said: "This poor Brahmin is right, Maharaj.  In this crisis, getting water is the same as getting the Prasad of God.  Therefore, the Dakshina of Prasad should also be as per Rajkula. "

 Maharaj immediately took off the mangala from his neck and gave it to the poor Brahmin.  The priest was left swearing.  Tenaliram, a dull smile scattered on his lips, was delighted to see Rajpurohit getting angry.

Caught red handed

 This phrase has been going on for centuries: "To be caught red-handed."  After all, when and how did this phrase come to be?  We think that it would have been made only after this incident - one day the proceedings of the court were going on that the city Seth came there and started to cry: “Maharaj!  I died… was destroyed - last night the thieves broke the lock of my chest and stole all the money.  Hi… I got robbed. "

 Maharaj immediately summoned Kotwal and asked about the incident.  Kotwal said: "Your Majesty!  We are taking action but no clue of the thieves has been found. "  "However, he should be caught soon."  Maharaj instructed Kotwal and told Seth: "Seth ji you are sure - soon the thief will be caught."

 Seth left after getting assurance.  The same night the thieves stole the house of another rich person.  The thieves could not be caught even after the police's lacunae.  And after that, there was a flood of thieves.  Sometimes it gets stolen sometimes somewhere.

 All thefts were being done with the rich people.  Every time the thieves escaped cleanly.  Maharaj got upset after hearing the complaints.  He lashed out at his court in anger one day: "Are you sitting here to see our face-no one can suggest a tactic to catch a court thief."

 All the courtiers kept quiet.  What to do ?  When an experienced person like Kotwal could not catch the thieves, how could any court be caught?  But Tenaliram got into trouble.

 On the same day Tenaliram went to the major jeweler's shop in the city.  Talked to him a few times, then came home.  The very next day a jeweler made an exhibition in which he would display his most precious jewelery and diamonds.  The exhibition started and people broke down to see it.

 More than one precious diamond and diamond jewelery was displayed.  In the night, the jeweler locked all the jewelery and diamonds in a locker as it was supposed to happen - the thieves came and threatened the night.  Breaking the lock, he filled all the jewelery and diamonds in a bag and kept moving.

 Here the thieves came out of the shop, the jeweler made a noise.  Woke up all over the area on seeing this.  The thieves threw the goods here and there and joined the crowd of people.  But then Tenaliram reached there with a contingent of soldiers and the soldiers blocked the whole area.

They are thieves."  And thus the thieves were caught in a hurry. 

 "How is this color on their hands, Tenaliram."  "King!  Before placing the goods in the vault, it was painted red - that is why their hands are dyed.  This is called "catching red handed while stealing."  "Wow!"  Maharaj could not live without praising Tenaliram, then he sentenced the thieves to life imprisonment so that they could never steal again in life.


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