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English story best interesting story in english

 Speaking cave

 An old lion was killed in the forest.  His body was weakened due to old age and this was the reason that he had not had any food for many days.  He could not hunt due to old age.  No animal was coming in his hand.  Small animals also used to run away by dodging him.  Once he was very tired while wandering, then he stopped in one place and thought that how should this work, what should I do?  Where can I go?  How to fill my stomach  That way I will die.

 Suddenly, he saw a cave.  He thought that some wild animal must have lived in this cave.  I sit inside this cave, as soon as that animal comes, I will eat it and fill my stomach.  The lion went inside that cave and sat waiting for its prey.

 Actually, that cave was of a jackal.  As the jackal started moving towards his cave, he saw the marks of the lion's claws close to the cave.  It did not take him long to understand and he immediately realized the danger.  He had a death in front of him, but seeing the crisis in front, he did not lose his restraint, but his intelligence started working fast how to avoid this enemy?

 A new thing had come to his mind, he stood at the entrance of the cave and said - "O cave!"

 When the cave from inside gave no answer, the jackal once again said, "Hear cave!  I have your treaty that if I come from outside, I will call you by your name, the day you will not answer my words, I will leave you and go to live in another cave. "

 Seeing no answer, the jackal started repeating himself again and again.

 The lion sitting inside listened to the jackal, so he understood that the cave would speak when the jackal arrived.  The lion said, making his voice melodious, "Hey Come Gidar Bhai… Welcome!"

 "Hey lion uncle, are you?"  In old age, your intellect is unable to think that the caves never speak.

Fall and rise of businessman

 There used to be a skilled businessman in the city.  The king of the city was aware of his qualities and so he made him the administrator of the kingdom.  On theoccasion, he organized a huge banquet.  A banquet servant had also joined the palace at the banquet, but he accidentally sat in a chair which was intended for the Raj family.  Seeing this, the businessman was very angry and became enraged.  He pushed the servant out of the banquet and drove him out.

 The servant felt ashamed and decided to avenge his humiliation.  In his mind he thought to teach a lesson to the businessman.  One day the servant was sweeping the king's room.  He began to rave at seeing the king, "the merchant's duty to mistreat the queen."  Hearing this, the king's ears cropped up and he asked the servant, "Have you seen the businessman misbehaving?"

 The servant was also very clever, he fell at the king's feet and said, "I have been gambling all night and could not sleep, that's why I am mumbling anything in my sleep."  Please forgive me."

 The king did not say anything at that time, but somewhere in his mind the seed of doubt had been sown.  The king made a decision and reduced the rights of the merchant.  Her visit to the palace was also banned.  The next day, when the merchant tried to come to the palace, he was stopped by sentries.  The businessman was very surprised.  Then the same servant standing there jokingly said, "Sentries, don't know who these are?"  They are very impressive.  If you want, you can throw it out as well, like he threw it out in his banquet. "  On hearing the taunt of the servant, it did not take long for the businessman to understand the whole matter.

The next day, he began to mumble again in the king's room, "O Lord, our king is so stupid that he eats cucumbers in a bathroom."  Hearing this, The servant again fell at the king's feet and vowed never to murmur again.

 The king also thought that when he could speak such wrong things about me, then he must also have spoken wrong about the businessman, due to which I punished him unnecessarily.  What happened then, the very next day the king returned the merchant to the palace for his lost reputation.

 Lesson: There are 2 lessons from this story-

 1. Whether a person is big or small, we should treat everyone in the same manner, as the behavior you would like to be with yourself, do the same behavior with others.

 2. Second is that we should not believe the things heard.  Decision should be taken only after thorough investigation.

Blue jackal

 A very wicked wolf lived in a forest.  All the animals of the forest were very upset with him.  Even the remaining jackals were fed up with him, because he considered himself to be the best and he used to talk about it and split it in everyone.  One day the wolf jackal came out of the jungle in search of prey and reached a colony.  There the group of dogs fell behind the jackal.  The evil jackal ran to save his life and while running he fell into a drum full of color.  He remained quietly in that drum.  When he felt that the danger was averted, he came out of the drum, but by then his whole body was painted blue in the drum.  When he came to the forest, he saw that all the animals were running away fearing him seeing his blue color.  Seeing everyone afraid like this, a plan came in the mind of the evil jackal.

 The jackal dyed the animals running scared, said, "Don't run, listen to me."  Look at me  My color is so different.  No animal is such a color?  Actually, God has sent me this special color to you.  I will tell you the message of God.  Brahmaji has made me give this unique color with his own hands.  He told me that there is no king of animals in the world, so you have to go and become the king of animals and welfare of them.  All wildlife will be your subjects.  Now you guys are no more orphans.  Be fearless under my rule.  But remember, whoever does not listen to me, will be consumed. "

 All the animals were greatly influenced by the magical things of jackal, even tiger, lion and cheetah came into her talks.  All the animals started rolling at his feet and said, "We accept you as our emperor, you have come as the messengers of Brahma, we obey the will of God."

 Ranga Siyar raised his paw and said, "You should serve and honor your emperor."  Make royal arrangements for our food and drink. "

 Simply, the royal of the dyed jackal became emperor became chic and he lived in princely pride.  The jackal whose animal he wished to eat was served.  He had kept powerful animals like lions, cheetahs and elephants as his commander and got him out of the jungle and the animals of the jackals which he disliked.  He was also in danger of being identified by the jackals of his caste.

 One day the blue jackal was eating and drinking and resting in his royal lair that after seeing the light outside, he came out.  It was moonlight night and the jackals in the nearby forest were shouting loudly in their voices.  Upon hearing his voice, Ranga Jackal also forgot what he had done fraudulently and his inner natured nature struck him.  He too raised his face towards the moon and shouted in his speech with a loud voice in the jackals.

 The lion and the tiger, including the rest of the lives, saw him, and he was shocked and he did not take any time to understand that it was no one else, the jackal who cheated and remained the emperor.  The lion and the tiger leaped towards him and upon seeing him, he made him thirsty.

 Lesson: As you do, so you fill.  Trick, treachery, lies and deceit are definitely available one day or the other.


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