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Best moral story Storyline in english kids best imotinal story in english

 Clever fox

 In a forest, lions, foxes and donkeys became new friends.  All three planned to hunt together and all together decided that there would be three parts of the hunt and all three would have equal rights over the hunt.  All three again set out in search of prey.

 After a while, he saw a deer in the forest.  The deer was eating his most oblivious food.  But as soon as the deer realized the danger, he ran fast.  But how long did he run from them, after all these three were there and he was alone.  Finally he got tired and crushed.

 The lion attacked him on seeing the opportunity and killed him. Three were very happy.  The lion said to the donkey, "Make three friends of the hunt."  The donkey made three equal parts of the hunt, but the lion did not like this thing and he started roaring with anger.  The lion also attacked the donkey and upon seeing it, with its pointed teeth and claws, cut it apart in two.

 The fox was very clever and intelligent.  He took only one-fourth of the deer for himself and left the remaining three-fourths for the lion.

 Fox my friend, you have left exactly the right amount of food for me… You are really very intelligent.  After all, where did you learn so much wisdom? "

 The fox replied, "Your Majesty!  Actually, only by seeing the condition and plight of this stupid ass, I understood what you want.  I learned it from his brainlessness.

 Lesson: One should learn not only from his own mistakes, but also from the mistakes of others.  Yes, the mistakes of others can also be the reason for your learning, not necessarily waiting for your mistake!  

 Bear and two friends

 Two friends were going somewhere through a dense forest.  Both were very close friends and both were going on talking about their friendship.  The forest was very dense, so one of them was afraid, but his fellow friend said that there is no need for you to be afraid of me.  I am your true and good friend.  In this only, he saw a very big bear from the front.  The friend who was saying that I am a good friend, ran away on seeing the bear.  Another friend kept saying don't leave me and run away, but he ran to a tree while running.

 Seeing this, his friend became even more afraid, because he did not know how to climb a tree.  In that case, that bear came even closer.  When he started coming very close, the other friend had no choice and he lay down on the ground with his eyes closed.  The friend climbing the tree was watching all this scene and he started thinking that he would die like this.  In due course, that bear came close to the friend lying down and started looking at him, sniffed him and went ahead after inspecting his body completely.

 The friend lying on the ground breathed a sigh of relief and started thinking that it was good that I had stopped breathing, because the bears do not eat the dead and that bear moved forward knowing me dead.

 The friend who climbed the tree was very surprised.  After the bear left, he came down and asked his friend what he had done and what the bear was saying in his ear.  A friend pretending to be dead, said that the bear said in my ear that the right friends are identified only in bad times, so never stay with friends who leave you alone and run away after seeing bad times.  But do not work.  It didn't take long to understand the other friend and then both of them moved forward.

 Lesson: A true friend is the one who does not leave his friend even in the worst of times and helps his friend in times of trouble.

Crow and cobra

 It is very old, in a rich state, there was a very big and old banyan tree.  On that tree, a pair of crow-crows lived in their nest.  The couple stayed out all day in search of food and would return as soon as evening.  An evil snake (Cobra) also lived near the same tree.  The crow-poet couple was passing by very comfortably.  Meanwhile, Kavvi laid eggs, both were very happy.  But one day when he went out, the snake ate his eggs.

 Both cried a lot.  Now every year, when the weather comes, the qavi would lay eggs and that snake would get the opportunity and go and eat the eggs in their ghosla.  Both of them could not understand who is the enemy of their children.  But soon they understand that it may not be the work of that snake.  The snake went away after eating eggs, but what was left on the heart of the poet could not be imagined.  The crow consoled his wife, "Now that we have found the enemy, then we will definitely think of some remedies."

 The crow thought highly and both of them went to seek advice from their friend Vixen.  Vixen heard the sad story of his friends.  Vixen said after much thought, "Friends!  You do not need to leave that tree.  I have an idea, that can be rid of that evil spirit. "  Vixen told the trick in his clever mind.  He thanked Vixen and returned to his home.

 In fact, the princess of that region used to come to the lake to play water with her friends.  Bodyguards and soldiers also used to accompany them.

 When the princess and her friends descended into the water to bathe in the lake, the crow came flying as per the plan.  He first made a noise of 'kaw-kaw' to attract the attention of princesses and friends.  Then, out of the clothes and ornaments kept by the princess and her friends, one of the princess's favorite diamonds and pearl's unique necklace flew over the beak.  All the friends scream, "He is carrying the princess necklace."

 Soldiers started running in the same direction.  The crow brought the soldiers to the same tree.  When the soldiers remained a short distance, the crow dropped the necklace in such a way that it fell within the shell of the snake.

 When the soldiers ran to the shell, they saw the necklace and a black snake near it.  The soldiers cut the snake into pieces with spears and that evil snake died.  Crow-poet was very happy.

 Lesson: You may be weak with your body, but by using intelligence, we can defeat the greatest power and the enemy, using intelligence can solve every crisis.


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