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Beautiful Family Best Moral Story in english storyline in english

What a beautiful family this small one is too, the beautiful mangoes and berries are surrounded by it all around.  From a distance, there is only a big tree clump, but its clean water is hiding its beauty in high clouds.  In the chest of hard-hearted land, this small compassion pool, with great care, is hidden by nature.

 The evening is over.  Vighung-kul are returning to their needs, while doing gentle tomorrow.  Darkness is making the arrival of tall branches of trees fuzzy in color, indicating the arrival of trees.  But the last rays of the sun do not want to leave their place yet.  Even after being removed from the air, they are shaking like the fingers of Suryadev, opposing the right of darkness.

 It was evening.  Kokil spoke.  The succulent tan emanating from a beautiful soft gorge silenced him as well.  Manohar-Swar-Lahiri got up from that lake and started humming all the trees of the coast.  The melodious, Malayanil-fresh water-laheri started dancing to the beat of that voice.  Each leaf started giving rhythm.  There was wonderful joy involved.  The natural state of peace was sitting as if in that small delightful land.

 This joyous person could not hide his charming form from a wanderer, because he was thirsty.  He needed water.  His horse, which was coming very quickly, stopped, and he landed.  The wanderer descended from the horse at great speed, but he too stood up stunned;  Because he too made it like a mantle of enchantment.  Mrigaya-Sheel was a wanderer, standing on the tree.  He forgot himself for a while.  When the tone stopped, then his sleep also broke.  The young man forgot all the labor, a wonderful feeling appeared in his part.  He walked from where the voice was heard.  Go and see, a young man is standing and looking towards the dark-colored water.

 Pathik went with enthusiasm and shook the young man's shoulder.  The young man's attention was broken.  He looked back.


 Pathik's heroic dress was also beautiful.  His erect mustache was expressing his natural pride.  The young man was angry at his rude behavior, but thinking of something, he kept quiet.  And, here Pathik raised a small question with a simple voice - Why brother, what is your name?

 The young man replied - Ramprasad.

 Traveler - Where do you live here?  If you are from outside, then come, stay at our house today.

 The young man did not say anything, but he indicated a confession.  Both the wanderer and the young man came near the horse.  The wanderer took his rein.  Both walked towards the road on foot.

 Both reached the gate of a huge fort and entered it.  The guards of the gate rose up and greeted the wanderer with reverence.  One holds up the horse.  Now both of them crossed a large hallway and immortals and entered a small Pai Bagh.

 Ramprasad was surprised, he did not know where he was going with whom.  Yes, it seems to him that this wanderer is the head man of this fort.

 There was a platform in the center of Pai Bagh, which was made of marble.  Both reached him with small steps.  In a short while, a maid arrived with a bottle of pandan and another varuni.

 Pathik, who we shall no longer call Pathik, was the fortress of Gwalior-Durg, one of the chieftains of the Mughal Emperor Akbar.  With the help of Masanad, he sat on the laying Parsi carpet.  The two maids again brought a hookah and placed it and began to chavar by standing behind Masnad.  One looked very much towards Ramprasad.

 The young Sardar took a small amount of Varuni.  After eating two-four gillori paan, he started pulling hookah.  What should Ramprasad do;  He was sitting and watching the Sardar's face.  On the Iranian face of Sardar, Varuni worked as a varnish.  His face glowed.  Filled with enthusiasm, he said - Ramprasad, sing something.  It was looking towards that maid.


 Ramprasad got very much together with Sardar.  He has no restriction anywhere.  He has a place to live in the same pie-garden.  He used to offer his khichdi on the flame and would often hum on the platform.  He was not forbidden to do so.  Sardar also sometimes used to stand and listen to him with great love.  But that humming did a very stupid job.  That is, a Navina maid of the Sardar-Mahal, to the tune of that humming, sometimes forgot to keep the lime in the pan, and sometimes was greatly embarrassed by taking the 'Aftaba' when the mistress asked for 'book'.  But even from the verandah, he had to look at that platform once.

 Nothing to Ramprasad - he was a wild creature.  He did not like to live in this small garden, but what to do.  He too was a proverb.  When someone was enchanted by his voice and became well-known in his work, he would get great joy.

 Sardar was busy with his work.  He was addicted to listening to two songs of Ramprasad sitting on the platform on the evening.  The day he did not listen to the song, on that day he would lose his intoxication in Varuni - his bizarre condition.  Ramprasad sought leave to visit his former acquaintance lake one day;  Got it too.

 Sardar did not sit on the platform, went to the palace.  His lady said - why are you sad today?

 I get great pleasure in the song of Sardar-Ramprasad.

 Sardar-wife-does your Ramprasad sing so well that without him you are not rested?  I think my band can sing better than that.

 Sardar- (Laughing) Good!  what is his name?

 Sardar-wife-same, Sausan-whom I have bought from Delhi.

 Sardar - what a great thing!  Aji, I see him every day.  Had she known the song, could I not listen till today.

 There is no need to argue in this, Sardar-wife.  Tomorrow he and Ramprasad should be confronted.

 Sardar-what harm


 Today there is good decoration in that small garden.  Maids are playing with instruments.  'Sausan' is narrowly sitting in front of Ramprasad.  Sardar ordered him to sing.  He started singing -

 Kaho Ri, who is the lover of Kahibe.

 Birah Bitha Antar's sleep was done to sleep.

 Cried my dear dear dear Kahi Sunaon

 'Surdas' Sukhmuri Manohar Le Jugayo Mana Goi ...

 There was such beauty in every stanza of a lowly Kamini-gorge that the listeners-all became pictures-written.  Ramprasad had a strange condition, because Sausan's natural expressions, which looked towards him — fascinated him.

 Ramprasad was a singer, but he did not know Ramani-Sulabh Bhr Bhava.  His conscience slowly told him that 'everything has been defeated'!

 The Sardar said - Ramprasad, you also sing.  He also started singing with an inevitable charm - even if he had no desire.

 Our heart is heartless souls.

 Do not hurry on the day of rain

 I am like this thinner

 'Suryasayam' maid pleasures sovhu bhayu bisexuality

 The song's expression on Sausan's face was once revealed in Arunima.  Ramprasad sang this verse with such a compassionate voice that both of them became infatuated.

 Sardar saw that I won.  Saying pleased, Ramprasad, whatever you wish, ask for.

 Hearing this, a bundle came from the Sardar-wife and said to Sausan, Begum has said that whatever you want, ask for it from us.

 Ramprasad did not say anything for a while.  When Sardar asked for a second time, his face turned somewhat unnatural.  He spoke in a deranged voice - If you are firm on your point, give 'Sausan' to me.

 At the same time, Sausan also said that if he wanted to give me something from that bond, then free me from my handmaiden.

 The band went inside.  The Sardar remained silent.  The bandi came again and Boli-Begum accepted your prayer and lost it.

 Saying this, he put a studded necklace to Sausan.

 Sardar said - Ramprasad, from today you became 'Tansen'.  This sauce is yours too;  But marry Dharam with it.

 Tansen said - From today our religion is 'love'.


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