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English Story : Best imotinal story

English story  habits and thinking of our countrymen is unique from all over the world.  Just as Sanjeevani Booti used to shine on the whole mountain, we shine differently in the whole world.  Even though there is a distinction of caste and caste in our country, there is no discrimination in habits, nationality and patriotism are very much dripping in them.  That is, send any Indian to any corner of the world, he will be recognized differently due to his habits.  For example, we Indians are very big money type, we charge ten times the price of a ten rupee item.  Brother, we are not wasteful like foreigners who throw away things after use.  We do not throw water and cold drink bottles, they are the beauty of our fridge.  Pickle bottles, tea cans or any other box or bottle that comes with the goods becomes the pride of our kitchens year after year.  We use a tube like toothpaste and shaving cream to be cut from the bottom, because throwing a single drop is not acceptable to us, and now a

English story best interesting story in english

 Speaking cave  An old lion was killed in the forest.  His body was weakened due to old age and this was the reason that he had not had any food for many days.  He could not hunt due to old age.  No animal was coming in his hand.  Small animals also used to run away by dodging him.  Once he was very tired while wandering, then he stopped in one place and thought that how should this work, what should I do?  Where can I go?  How to fill my stomach  That way I will die.  Suddenly, he saw a cave.  He thought that some wild animal must have lived in this cave.  I sit inside this cave, as soon as that animal comes, I will eat it and fill my stomach.  The lion went inside that cave and sat waiting for its prey.  Actually, that cave was of a jackal.  As the jackal started moving towards his cave, he saw the marks of the lion's claws close to the cave.  It did not take him long to understand and he immediately realized the danger.  He had a death in front of him, but seeing the crisis in f

Beautiful Family Best Moral Story in english storyline in english

What a beautiful family this small one is too, the beautiful mangoes and berries are surrounded by it all around.  From a distance, there is only a big tree clump, but its clean water is hiding its beauty in high clouds.  In the chest of hard-hearted land, this small compassion pool, with great care, is hidden by nature.  The evening is over.  Vighung-kul are returning to their needs, while doing gentle tomorrow.  Darkness is making the arrival of tall branches of trees fuzzy in color, indicating the arrival of trees.  But the last rays of the sun do not want to leave their place yet.  Even after being removed from the air, they are shaking like the fingers of Suryadev, opposing the right of darkness.  It was evening.  Kokil spoke.  The succulent tan emanating from a beautiful soft gorge silenced him as well.  Manohar-Swar-Lahiri got up from that lake and started humming all the trees of the coast.  The melodious, Malayanil-fresh water-laheri started dancing to the beat of that voice. 

Best moral story Storyline in english kids best imotinal story in english

 Clever fox  In a forest, lions, foxes and donkeys became new friends.  All three planned to hunt together and all together decided that there would be three parts of the hunt and all three would have equal rights over the hunt.  All three again set out in search of prey.  After a while, he saw a deer in the forest.  The deer was eating his most oblivious food.  But as soon as the deer realized the danger, he ran fast.  But how long did he run from them, after all these three were there and he was alone.  Finally he got tired and crushed.  The lion attacked him on seeing the opportunity and killed him. Three were very happy.  The lion said to the donkey, "Make three friends of the hunt."  The donkey made three equal parts of the hunt, but the lion did not like this thing and he started roaring with anger.  The lion also attacked the donkey and upon seeing it, with its pointed teeth and claws, cut it apart in two.  The fox was very clever and intelligent.  He took only one-fou

Kids Story : Children's Best motivated Story Kids short story in English

  Three works  In today's Hitech era, when children are getting every information on computer / internet, their connection with parents is decreasing.  Also, they do not know Moral Values, in such a way, through time-learning popular stories of Panchtantra such as Bed Time Stories, you will not only have bonding with your child, but they will  Good things also come to know.  Once two poor friends go to a Seth to ask for work.  Scrooge Seth takes them to work immediately and after working all year, at the end of the year promises to give 12-12 gold currencies to both.  At the same time, Seth also stipulates that if he did not do the job properly or did not follow any order properly, then he would deduct 4 gold coins in exchange for that one mistake.  Both friends agree to Seth's condition and work hard throughout the year.  Run and do all the work and follow every order of Seth.  In this way the whole year passed.  Both go to ask Seth for 12-12 gold currencies, but Seth says tha

Motivational Story Knowledge : Best motivational story in english

 What is the biggest thing you can do!  Where does a great work begin?  I think, it starts with the thought that - what is the biggest thing that I can do?  Friends, our life is what we made it with our choices.  At any given time, we have many choices… there are many choices… which choice we choose defines our life.  People who really do great things… they choose only one option… .and that is to choose the work which they really believe to be big….  This is the biggest thing that they can do on the basis of their existing conditions, skills and talent.  If Mahatma Gandhi wanted, he could have cut his life by advocating comfortably in South Africa… but the biggest thing he could do in front of him was to work for the freedom of India.  Mahendra Singh Dhoni could have spent his life in a railway job… .But the biggest thing he could do in front of him was to play from India.  You may fail in the big thing you run after… but remember -  Those who fail in chasing their dreams are better th

Inspirational story Best inspirational English story

 A man was walking on the sea shore in the morning.  He saw that hundreds of star fishes come to the shore with the waves, when the waves go back, the fishes remain on the shore and die from the sun.  The waves were at the same time loti, and the star fish were still alive.  The man moved forward a few steps, picked up a fish and threw it into the water.  He kept doing this again and again.  A man was standing just behind the man.  Who could not understand what it was doing.   There are hundreds of star fishes here, how many can you save?  What difference will it make to you? "  The man gave no answer, went two steps ahead and picked up another fish and threw it into the water, and said, 'It makes a difference to this fish.  Every person has some care about these things.  But he understands what will happen to me, what difference does it make to me alone, but the truth is that "it makes a difference".  If 99 is not 1, it makes a difference to be 100.  What difference

Inspirational motivational English Story Storyline online

Ten monks once set out in search of truth.  He traveled to many mountains - mountains, ashrams.  But he could not experience any truth.  Because the whole journey was going out.  On some hills, in some ashrams, near any gurus, the search was green.  As long as the search moves towards someone else, how can it be found, which is in itself.  Eventually, he was exhausted and returned to his village.  It was a rainy day, the river was very full.  He crossed the river.  After crossing, I thought to count, no one was lost.  Counted, a man seemingly lost, a monk was drowned.  The count used to be nine.  They were ten.  Ten had crossed the river.  When he came out and counted, then nine people were known.  Each person was left counting himself, counting the rest.  They sat crying.  A companion of the search for truth was lost.  A passenger was leaving that road to go to another village.  He asked his pain, saw his falling tears.  He asked, what is the difficulty?  They said- we had landed in t

As you sow, so you shall reap : Motivational Story in English

 As you sow, so you shall reap  There is a legend in Japan that at one time two brothers lived in one place.  The elder brother-in-law's daughter-in-law was of a sharp nature.  Therefore his mother used to live with younger brother.  The younger brother was poor.  Even drinking food in his house was not enough.  Often, the younger brother would leave his mother with good food, he could not even give ordinary food.  On the first day of the new year, he had a strong desire to make rice and feed it.  At such a time, I am helpless.  I have no means except to borrow from my elder brother.  Thinking this, he went to the elder brother's house.  "brother!  Lend me some rice for a short time, go to the forest and collect sticks and sell them.  When I receive the money, I will buy rice and return it to you. ”The younger brother asked meekly.  But the elder brother was of a very cruel nature.  "I do not even have a paddy to lend you." Saying this, he grinned his teeth and d

English Best Story : Storyline in English

Story Best in English  Even on that night of winter, drops of sweat were pouring on my forehead.  No!  That sweat was not because of heat but because of fear.  My name is Sakshi, 15 January 2007, I was only 14 when my parents were out of some important work and left a loyal person for me (me, my elder and younger brother) to take care of us.  .  He had no idea that he was telling a thief to protect his valuables.  He showed his color on the very first day of his departure.  It was very dark that night and the person deliberately switched off the lights of all the rooms.  I did not even know what was happening?  A hand is coming towards me, who is it, and what is it doing?  (It was a scary night for me more than all the horror stories because that moment was more terrible than any ghost.)  I dashed and lost the mud and mercury for some time and kept thinking the whole night, who was it?  Meanwhile, my bitch (Ruby) came and knocked at the door.  He smelled something (to find out who he w